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2007 sailing season


We left Cagliari in early May, and crossed over to Tunisia. The idea behind this was that it was a shorter crossing, for the first in the season, than going directly to Sicily, and cheaper fuel beckoned. By the time we got back to Sicily, we had used a lot of this up!

We returned via Levanzo, one of the Egadi islands NW of Sicily, and then along the north coast of Sicily. We then headed for the Aeolian Islands, specifically Volcano as that seemed to offer the best shelter in the prevailing conditions. From there, we headed through Messina, and anchored on the Sicily side. We then went directly to Brindisi, on Italy's Adriatic coast. We waited there for deliveries of generator spares and replacement house batteries.

Crossing to Korcula, we cleared in to Croatia there, and then headed north in a series of day hops. We needed to meet up with Peter, Debbie and family who were flying in to Zadar.

While Peter and family were with us, I was taken ill, and this marred proceedings considerably for several weeks. Although we did do a little sailing, I was unable to walk off the boat, so exploring was very limited. Eventually, we went home for a birthday party, and I found myself hospitalised for 6 days, followed by a lengthy convalescence period.

Mo's presence during the birth of her second grandchild was going to be helpful, so she stayed in the UK while I returned to Fuga. Once she returned, we set off towards the south, taking in the Krka national park once more, Split and Dubrovnik. We then cleared out to Brindisi, and then on to Levkas and Nidri in the Ionian islands, to meet up with our friends.

We returned from Greece directly to Syracusa, on Sicily, before sailing south about for a departure from Favignana to Cagliari. We laid Fuga up with Marina del Sole, and flew back to the UK and on to New Zealand.

Some brief notes on our experiences of Croatia can be found here.

Highs and Lows

It was difficult to come up with any ecstatic highs, some time after the event.. We came up with the following list:



In 2006, dragging the anchor was a feature, and this seems to have been solved by fitting the 25kg Rocna. This cuts through weed, and has yet to shift once set.


We still try to go too fast and are not giving places sufficient time. More often than not this is because of some self-imposed deadline, or need to rendezvous with family and friends. Everyone agrees, DON'T DO IT!!! But can we change the habits of a lifetime?

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