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2008 sailing season


We spent some while cruising in the southern Sardinian waters adjacent to Cagliari. This was largely to meet up with friends returning there.

When eventually we left Sardinia, we headed directly for Gozo and Malta, stopping only briefly to anchor off Sicily for some rest. We spent a few days in Gozo, then in Valetta, before setting off to sail directly to the Ionian.

We enjoyed the Ionian, but spent longer there than we had expected because we found a failing shroud, and decided to have the boat re-rigged. Mo's son visited us at Zakinthos.

After this, we sailed fairly quickly down the Peloponnese, and across the Aegean, to arrive in Fethiye in Turkey in time to greet a friend.

We spent a considerable time in the Fethiye, Gocek, and Skopia Limani, before we eventually laid Fuga up at Marmaris Yat marine on the hard for the winter, which we spent in New Zealand.

Highs and Lows

It was difficult to come up with any ecstatic highs, some time after the event.. We came up with the following list:




We still try to go too fast and are not giving places sufficient time. More often than not this is because of some self-imposed deadline, or need to rendezvous with family and friends. Everyone agrees, DON'T DO IT!!! But can we change the habits of a lifetime?

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