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Activities ashore

We have enjoyed doing the tourist/cultural bit. The wealth of architectural, ecclesiastic and cultural sites around the French, Spanish and Portugese coasts has been daunting at times, and we have only seen a small portion of all that is available. We deliberately missed Lisbon in order to have somewhere within reach for a winter expedition. In particular, we very much enjoyed Compostella de Santiago, reached from Vilagarcia by railway, followed the next day by Pontevedra.

Finding your way around a new place is de rigeur one of the pleasures or challenges. You have to find the supermarket, the gaz shop, and so on, wherever you are. Occasionally there is the additional test to source something for the boat, a chandlers or a sail maker, for example.

We enjoy walking, but also carry two mountain bikes. We bought these in the UK as a matched pair, with alloy frames and wheels. They have suffered from being carried on deck when we have visitors about, but are still very serviceable. At Lagos, there is some organised walking whereby a 'leader' researches a walk, and the rest follow, providing an opportunity to meet new people from other boats.

The Spanish (and perhaps to a lesser extent the Portugese) seem to like to enjoy themselves, and there have been free open air concerts in a number of our ports of call, often followed by firework displays. Here in Lagos there is a cinema and also a cultural centre where concerts (many of them free) are held.