Improvements and enhancements

Dehler design

Dehler were well known for introducing innovative design features into their products. Usually these worked well, but sometimes for only a limited segment of their market.

Our plan was to use Fuga as a long term liveaboard cruising boat, but as we had limited means, we needed to be as independent as possible from shoreside facilities. This influenced our choice of equipment. Before setting out, we undertook a number of projects to make life aboard more practical and comfortable, and we continue to add improvements as they occur to us.

Occasionally we found irritating limitations or shortcomings. Some were fundamental, such as the innovative anchor arrangement that did not suit our requirements. Others were often down to the actual fitting of the individual boat. Simple issues, like the fitting of a jubilee clip, perhaps, with the screw positioned for the installer's convenience, not for ease of maintenance. On these occasions, we have had to find solutions.

Some enhancement projects costing approximately 30K that you will not find on most Dehler 41DS's include:

Electrical systems

Navigation and lighting

Deck equipment

Domestic provision


The solar panels mounted across the stern, and lightweight davitsThe generator is low down, forward of the engine.