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Entertainment on board

We are lucky to have plenty of entertainment on board. One of the biggest occupiers of time is of course this web site! It needs no end of detailed work to keep it up to date! We both enjoy reading, although Mo reads more than John. This is very useful, as it can be performed by each of us individually, e.g. when on watch. We look out for opportunities to swap books with other sailors, or on trips ashore.

We have a Scrabble game, that we both enjoy, but drives John mad when he loses, most of the time. As with Chess, he enjoyed it until Mo learnt the game and was able to beat him easily! (We have rarely played Chess since we've been away). We were also given a very nice Backgammon set by friends before we left: this is better as it relies more on the throw of the dice than Machiavellian skill with words, a game is over quicker, it's relaxing and not ego-threatening in the same way. We bought a set of poker dice. John used to enjoy playing liar dice with his father, but Mo does not seem to understand the concept of lying, and these have yet to be used in earnest.

The computer provides us with a DVD player. Although the boat came with a CD player/radio, we have recently upgraded and re-worked that. We now have a Sony car radio that accepts both a computer type phono jack and a USB port. We have all our music loaded on the computer, and via this on an MP3 player that connects directly to the radio. We have disposed of the TV installed on board that we inherited with the boat. We experimented with a sattelite dish and receiver working in conjunction with a PCMCIA card for the notebook, but were disappointed in the programming available to us on freeview via sattelite: the dish is now sawn in two and stowed in the lazarette!

In Lagos and Almerimar we had the benefit of a broadband wireless internet link that allowed us the luxury of playing BBC and Classic FM (until they withdrew the service to overseas internet users) radio from the UK.

Of course, off the boat, in addition to swimming, there is also the opportunity to fish. Success in this area has been very limited so far, in fact if measured by fish in the frying pan, non-existant, but participation is more important than winning, isn't it?

John has tried sketching and has acquired some watercolour paints: finding little time to do this over the winter however.