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Highs and Lows

For the most part, life is good, and matters under control! Just occasionally, problems crop up that challenge the normal order. At one point during our initial summer cruise, in 2004, these seemed to get out of hand, and John found it quite depressing. Mo needed to remind him that it was better than working! Asked what her highs were, Mo identified times when we seemed to have extracted ourselves from what John would describe as a distinct low!

Definite highs

Definite lows

All these events now seem in Spring 2007 very far away. As we have become used to the lifestyle perhaps we are de-sensitised to the extremes. Nautical incidents, such as getting the anchor trapped under a rock, finding ourselves dragging in the middle of the night, or fouling the propeller at the most unpropitious moment are simply that, problems to be faced and dealt with. Fortunately none have 'got us' yet!

Mo thinks that those occasions when the boat has been a mess for long periods of time, when we are engaged in projects, have been difficult to cope with. In order to gain access to tools, pipe runs, electrics, or what-have-you, lockers have to be unpacked and floors taken out. The result can be chaotic, and if a major project such as the toilet replacement takes over, then it can be wearing in the confined space available.

We are simply glad for the moment to have the opportunity to live the life we are leading, and to have the health to enjoy it.