Journal of Fuga: Sailing Season 2007


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31 nmACI Marina 18 nm
DatePlaceMilesNights in Marinas
13th AprilDay out to Capitania15
13th May Day out to Pula with friends26
16th/17th MayLeft for Bizerte, Tunisia1222 nights, 44TD
19th MayBizerte to Sid Bou Said403 nights, 149TD
22nd/23rd MaySidi Bou Said to I. Levanzo132
24th MayLevanzo to Baia di Mondello51
26th MayBaia di Mondello to I. Vulcano 83
28th MayI. Vulcano to Giardini Naxos, via Messina69 nm
30th May - 1st JuneGiardini Naxos to Brindisi269 nm
1st June - 7th JuneBrindisi Marina a/w spares6 nights at 22 euros
8th/9th June Brindisi to Korcula, Croatia151nmCruising permit 1765 Kuna
10th JuneKorcula to Otok Scedro33nm
11th JuneO. Scedro to O. Marinkovac, Pakleni14nm
12th JuneO. Marinkovac to O. Drevenik27nm
13th JuneO. Drvenik to Sibenik26nm220 Kuna at quay
14th JuneSibenik to O. Vrgada22nm
15th JuneO. Vrgada to Dugi Otok22nm
16th JuneDugi Otok to O. Ugljan10nm
17th JuneO. Ugljan
18th JuneZadar8 nm 1 v. exp. night 507 kuna
19th JuneZadar to Pasman14 nm
20th JunePasman to Sibenik entrance
21st JuneRiver Krka to Skradin11 nm
22nd JuneSkradin to mouth11 nm
23rd JuneSibenik river to Kornati, O. Levrnaka33 nmPark fee 300 kuna
24th JuneLevrnaka to Otok Iz21 nm
25th JuneO. Iz to Sukosan21 nmMarina Dalmacija
26th-29th JuneMarooned in marina by Gout!Marina Dalmacija 4 nights 1417 Kuna
29th June-4th JulyMarooned at anchor by Gout!
5th JulySukosan to Vir29.5 nm
6th JulyNin14.5 nm
7th JulyPag24 nm
8th-9th JulyRab27 nm
10th-11th JulyRab to Cres, lightning strikes!15 nm
12th JulySilba17 nm
13th JulyIst8 nm
14th-15th JulyDugi Otok11 nm
16th JulyDugi Otok to Sukosan27 nm
17th JulySukosan
18th July - 25th AugustMarina Dalmacija39 nights @ 47 euros per night!!
26th August - 2nd SeptemberOff Sukosan
3rd SeptemberDay out to Kukljica, O. Uglijan5 nm
3rd - 8th SeptemberOff Sukosan
9th SeptemberSukosan to Nin32 nm
10th SeptemberNin to U. Dobra on Dugi Otok24 nm
11th SeptemberDugi Otok to Ugljan 18 nm
12th SeptemberBack to Sukosan7 nm
13th SeptemberDay out around Kanal and Ugljan15 nm
15th SeptemberSukosan to Pirovac20 nm
16th SeptemberPirovac to U. Kosirina on Otok Murter9 nm
17th SeptemberOtok Murter to Otok Vrgada6 nm
18th SeptemberVrgada to U. Soline on W. Otok Pasman8 nm92 Kuna
19th SeptemberOtok Pasman to U. Lamjana Mala on O. Ugljan9 nm
20th SeptemberO. Ugljan to Sukosan, again!28.5 nm
24th SeptemberSukosan to Pirovac23 nm
25th SeptemberPirovac to Skradin35 nm
29th SeptemberSkradin to Vinisce32 nm
30th SeptemberVinisce to Stari, Katelanski Jarev
1st OctoberStari to Split10 nm358 Kuna
2nd OctoberSplit to U. Lucice, Otok Brac13 nm
3rd OctoberOtok Brac to Otok Vis18 nm
4th OctoberOtok Vis to Otok Lastovo36 nm
5th OctoberLastovo to Polace, Otok Mljet27 nm
6th OctoberMljet to Dubrovnik38 nm
7th - 8th OctoberDubrovnik
9th - 10th OctoberDubrovnik to Brindisi127 nm
11th OctoberBrindisi (town quay)
12th - 13th OctoberBrindisi to Limin Gaios, Paxos138 nm
14th OctoberPaxos to Levkas38 nmLevkas Marina, 25 euros
15th OctoberLevkas to Nidri8 nm
16th October - 24th OctoberTranquil Bay, opposite Nidri
24th - 26th OctoberNidri to Syracusa271 nm
27th OctoberSyracusa
28th OctoberSyracusa to Pozallo57 nm
29th OctoberPozallo to Licata57 nm15 euros
30th OctoberLicata to Sciacca52 nm
31st OctoberSciacca30 euros per night
1st NovemberSciacca to Isola Favignana50 nm
2nd-3rd NovemberFavignana to Cagliari, Sardinia167 nm

Future Plans

Autumn 2007Flying visit to Ionian en route back to Cagliari
Winter 2007Lay up, visit to New Zealand (by airplane!)
Summer 2008Possibly Azores, Canaries, now more likely a return to Greece and Turkey
Winter 2008Once considered possible, but now unlikely Brazil