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Journal of Fuga: Sailing Season 2008


For a brief summary of our cruise in 2007, follow this link.

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DatePlaceMilesNights in Marinas
27th AprilArrived back in Cagliari from New Zealand via UK
9th May Relaunched to Marina del Sole
6th JuneLeft for Nora15 nm
7th-8th JuneAnchored off Nora with Ocean Star
9th JuneNora to Mafontana15nm
10th JuneMafontana to Carloforte35 nmMarina Sifredi 40
11th JuneCarloforte to anchorage, bay S. of Pta Ta Nera4 nm
12th JuneIsla St Pietro to Mafontana45nm logged
14th JuneMafontana to Pula14nm logged
15th JunePula to Vilasimius25nm logged
20th JuneVilasimius back to Cagliari18 nm3 nights Marina del Sole
23rd-25th JuneCagliari to Mazara del Vallo, Sicily220 nm logged
26th-27th JuneMazara del Vallo to Mgarr, Gozo 136 nm
28th JuneMgarr, Gozo2 nights for 41 total
29th-1st JulyAround Gozo, Dwejra
2nd JulyDwejra to St. Paul's Bay16 nm
3rd JulySt. Paul's Bay to Manoel Island Yacht Centre8nmI night 42
4th-7th JulyMalta to Prevezas, Greek Ionian coast377.5 nm
7th-9th JulyAnchored off Prevezas
10th JulyPrevezas to Ormos Ay Markou, west of Vonitsa 8 nm
11th JulyVonitsa back to O. Ay Markou4nm
12th JulyVonitsa and Palyomylos Bay 10nm
13th JulyKoprainia Bay, by way of Amfilochia 25 nm
14th JulyKoprainia Bay to O. Salaora 25nm
15th JulyO. Salaora back to Prevezas 12nm
16th-17th JulyPrevezas
18th JulyPrevezas to Nidri15 nm
19th JulyNidri to Frikes, Nisos Ithaca25 nm
20th JulyOrmos Limenia, outside Frikes
21st JulyFrikes to Tranquility Bay, Nidri20 nm
22nd - 24th JulyOrmos Vliko anchorage
25th JulyHotel Armonia pontoon10
26th JulyO. Abelike, Meganisi and Port Leone, Kalamos20 nm
27th JulyAround N. Kastos, and back to Tranquility Bay25 nm
28th July - 2nd AugustArmonia Hotel pontoon, Nidri5 nights at 10
3rd AugustVliko to One Tree Bay (O. Variko)8 nm
4th AugustO. Variko back to Nidri 6nm10
5th August Nidri (Armonia Hotel)10
6th AugustA day out with the Hobsons to Ormos Rouda on Levkas12nm
7th AugustFrustrated at Nidri!
8th AugustNidri to One House Bay on Nisos Atoko16 nm
9th AugustNisos Atoko to Vathi, Nisos Ithaca11nm
10th AugustVathi to Ormos Kateleios on Cephalonia29nm
11th AugustOrmos Kateleios to Zakanthos28 nm
12th AugustZakanthos to Porto Roma 6nm
13th August Porto Roma to Zakanthos 6nm35 2 nights
14th AugustZakanthos, David arrives
15th August Zakanthos to Ormos Keri 15nm
16th AugustKeri to Ormos Vroma
17th AugustOrmos Vroma to Argostoli, on Cephalonia35 nm logged
18th AugustArgostoli Marina
19th AugustArgostoli to Ormos Vikha, Cephalonia 17 nm
20th AugustOrmos Vikha to Zakinthos 28nm15
21st AugustZakinthos to Porto Roma 6nm
22nd AugustPorto Roma to Kiparissia48nm logged*
23rd AugustKiparissia harbour
24th AugustKiparissia to Methoni33nm
25th AugustAnchored off Methoni
26th-27th AugustMethoni to Elifanisos72 nm logged
28th-29th AugustElifanisos to Nisos Minos79 nm logged
30th August N. Minos to Nisos Ios52 nm
31st August - 1 SeptemberOrmos Kolitzani, Ios
2nd SeptemberIos to Nisos Amorgos37 nm
3rd SeptemberAmorgos to Nisos Astipalaia 46 nm
4th SeptemberAnchored in Ormos Maltezena, Astipalaia
5th SeptemberAstipalaia to Megalo Bay on Nisos Tilos54 nm
6th SeptemberTilos to Panormitis on Nisos Simi30 nm
7th SeptemberSimi to Rhodos (Akundas Port) anchorage25 nm
8th-10th SeptemberAt anchor in Rhodos
11th SeptemberRhodos towards Fethiye (Kizilkuyruk)32 nm
12th SeptemberFethiye10nm
13th SeptemberOff Fethiye
14th SeptemberFethiye to Gocek12 nm
15th SeptemberGocek (meeting Sandy)
16th SeptemberGocek to Ravine Cove near Kapi Creek8 nm
17th SeptemberKapi Creek to Wall Bay 3 nm
18th SeptemberWall Bay to Tomb Bay3 nm
19th SeptemberTomb Bay to Fethiye12 nm
20th SeptemberFethiye to Boynuz Buku12 nm
21st SeptemberThunderstorm and Boynuz Buku to Gocek4+4 nm
22nd-24th SeptemberOff Gocek
25th SeptemberGocek to Fethiye12 nm
26th - 30th SeptemberAnchored off Fethiye
1st OctoberFethiye to Olu Deniz 20 nm
2nd OctoberGemiler Adasi back to Fethiye 14 nm
3rd October - 8th OctoberAnchored off Fethiye
9th-10th OctoberA trip back to Wall Bay and Bornuz Buku c. 25 nm
11th - 15th OctoberOff Fethiye again
16th - 22nd OctoberAnchored off the boatyard
23rd - 26th OctoberBoynuz Buku, Wall Bay and back to Fethiyec. 22 nm
27th October - 2nd NovemberFamily visit: anchored off Fethiye
3rd NovemberFethiye
4th NovemberTo Tomb Bay with British Tiger10 nm
5th NovemberTomb Bay to Marmaris42 nm
6th-7th NovemberAnchored off Yachtmarine marina, Marmaris
8th-10th NovemberNetsel marina, Marmaris, generator repair3 nights, 141
11th NovemberMarmaris to Fethiye50nm
12th - 14th NovemberAnchored off Fethiye
15th NovemberFethiye to Marmaris50 nm
16th - 17th NovemberAnchored off Marmaris
18th - 24th NovemberMarmaris Yacht Marina5 month contract
25th NovemberLifted ashore at Marmaris Yacht Marin

Future Plans

Winter 2008Turkey, and another visit to New Zealand
Summer 2009Cruise northward in the Aegean, then back to Turkey, Cyprus