Journal of Fuga: Sailing Season 2009


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DatePlaceMilesNights in Marinas
25th NovemberLifted ashore at Marmaris Yacht Marin
28th AprilRe-launched and berthed at Marmaris Yacht Marina
6th MayChecked out and anchored in Marmaris Bay8 nights @ 6
9th MayMarmaris Bay to Bozuk Buku30 nm
10th MayBozuk Buku to Parmak Buku25 nm
11th/12th MayKnidos to Bitez20 nm
14th MayBitez to Bodrum5 nm1 @ 53
15th MayBodrum to Bitez5 nm
19th MayBitez to Pabuc12nm
20th MayPabuc to Gokajac, Yedi Adalari25 nm
21st MayYedi Adalari to Kargili Koyu10 nm
22nd MayKargili to Camli7 nm
23rd MayCamli to English Harbour in Degirmen Buku7 nm
24th MayDegirmen Buku to Kesr (Canak Limani) and Sogut6nm
25th MaySogut (Karacasogut) to Akbuk Limani7nm20 YTL (water)
26th MayAkbuk to Bitez 43nm
29th MayBitez to Bodrum and back10 nm
30th MayChecking out of Turkey, Turqutries to Kos17 nm
1st-2nd JuneKos Harbour45 (2 nights + water)
3rd JuneKos to Nisos Pserimos11nm
4th JuneNisos Pserimos to Nisidah Lipsoi33nm logged
5th JuneNisidah Arkoi10 nm
6th JunePithagorion, N. Samos23 nm
8th JuneKirkdilim Limani50nm
9th-14th JuneKhios 'marina'32 nm
14th JuneNisos Oinousai14 nm logged
16th JuneOrmos Mersinia, south N. Lesbos36nm logged
18th JuneMitilini, Nisos Lesbos19 nm logged2 nights charged 15.20
June 20thA Turkish Bay 15 nm
21st JuneAyvalik Limani6nm
22nd JuneOrmos Therma Eftalus, Lesbos 27 nm
23rd JuneOrmos Moudhros, Nisos Limnos55 nm
25th JuneMoudhros village4 nm
27th JuneNea Kutali and Ormos Thanos20 nm
29th JuneMirina, Nisos Limnos5 nm
30th JuneLimin Sikias, Sinthonia penninsular51 nm
1st JulyA cove 2m south of Marmaras26 nm
2nd JulyPorto Carras Marina4 nm56!
3rd JulyAnchored in a bay imm. N. of Ak Psedhokavos21 nm
4th JulyBack in Limin Sikias14 nm
5th JulyNisos Dhiaporos, Ormos Kriptos19 nm
7th JulyThe Akti Penninsular and monasteries67 nm
8th JulyPorto Kufos11nm
9th JulyNisos Pelagos39 nm
10th JulyStena Vala, Alonissos18 nm
12th JulyOrmos Tzorti, Alonissos2 nm
13th JulyOrmos Rousoumi, just north of Patitiri3 nm
14th JulySteni Valla5nm
16th JulySkiathos31 nm
19th JulyPanormos12 nm
20th JulyTsortsi, on Alinossos19 nm
21st JulyPatitiri and Steni Vala6 nm
22nd JulySkopelos10 nm18.5
23rd JulySkiathos19 nm logged
26th-31st JulyOrmos Siferi, west of Skiathos5 nm
1st-3rd AugustOrmos Siferi3 nm
4th AugustNisidha Tsoungria, Nisos Skopelos, Ormos Panormou8 nm
5th AugustO. Stafilos, Skopelos, N. Alonnisos, Ormos Tzorti19 nm
6th AugustNisos Peristeri, Ormos Peristera8 nm
7th AugustSteni Valla4 nm
8th AugustNisos Peristeri, cove west of wreck near Ormos Vasiliko3 nm
9th-10th AugustPelagos Island, Ormos Kira Panayia12 nm logged
11th AugustO. Milia, Nisos Alonissos20 nm
12th AugustSkopelos, Mumma Mia beach and Panormou19 nm
13th-16th AugustSkiathos, Koukounaries, Nisidha Tsoungria, O. Siferi22 nm
17th AugustSkiathos to Skopelos 16 nm
18th AugustSkopelos to Steni Vala 12 nm
20th AugustA sail out of Steni Vala8 nm
21st AugustPeristera back to Steni Vala 12nm
23rd AugustTzorti for lunch and back 8 nm
24th AugustPatitiri and Ormos Murtia6 nm
25th AugustOrmos Kalami (Wreck bay)10 nm
26th AugustOrmos Firakos8 nm
27th AugustOrmos Kyra Panagia, Nisos Pelagos6 nm
31st AugustPatitiri and Steni Valla20 nm
3rd SeptemberPatitiri4 nm
4th SeptemberSkopelos and Nisos Skantzoura28 nm
6th SeptemberLinaria, Nisos Skyros25 nm
13th SeptemberScooting around Skyros
14th SeptemberBack to Wreck Bay, Peristera42 nm
15th SeptemberPatitiri and Steni Valla11 nm
17th SeptemberNisidha Tsoungria south of Skiathos24 nm
18th SeptemberAt anchor near Argyronisos island22 nm
19th SeptemberOff Scala Atalanti, 33 nm
20th SeptemberAnchored under Ak Mnima in Ormos Politika27 nm
21st SeptemberNea Artaki6 nm
22nd SeptemberKhalkis and the bridge 6 nm
23rd SeptemberEretria14 nm
24th September Voufalo14nm
25th September Bay west of Karystos, S. Evia36nm logged
29th SeptemberPorto Rafti 21nm
1st OctoberLavrion16 nm
4th OctoberKithnos 25 nm
5th OctoberSiros 35 nm logged
6th OctoberMikinos28 nm
7th OctoberOrmos Ornos, Mikinos
9th OctoberO. Marmara on Nisos Paros 23 nm
10th OctoberNisos Ios 28 nm
11th OctoberThira28 nm
12th OctoberAstypalaia54 nm
13th OctoberSt Andreos Bay, Astypalaia
14th OctoberVathi5 nm
15th OctoberPalon, Nisos Nisiros51 nm logged5 elec pn + 5 water
19th OctoberLivadhia, Nisos Tilos15 nm7.5
20th OctoberPethi, Nisos Simi30nm
21st OctoberO. Pethi on Nisos Simi
22nd OctoberCiftlik23 nm
23rd OctoberMarmaris Bay11.5 nm
29th OctoberRhodes23 nm
30th OctoberSerce Limani12nm
31st OctoberSimi and Kargi Koyu24 nm
1st NovemberDatca 3 nm
3rd NovemberDirseck15 nm
5th NovemberSerce Limani16nm
6th NovemberMarmaris Yat Marina26 nm69/3 nights
9th NovemberMarmaris Bay5 nm
10th NovemberKucuk Kuyruk44 nm logged
11th NovemberWall Bay6 nm
12th NovemberBay near Gemiler Adasi 17nm
13th NobvemberKalkan30nm
14th NovemberBayindir Koyu, opposite Kas15 nm
15th NovemberKekova Roads16 nm
16th NovemberKekova Roads5 nm
17th NovemberAsirli Island, Kekova Roads4 nm
18th NovemberFinike14nm1 night 75 YTL
19th NovemberCavus Limani21 nm
20th/21st NovemberAlanya73 nm
Season Totals2250 nm

Future Plans

Winter 2009/10We are spending the winter afloat in Turkey at the new marina at Alanya
Summer 2010We will probably go up the Turkish coast, returning down the Aegean,
and maybe visit Crete on the way back to Cagliari in Sardinia
Winter 2010/11We hope to return to New Zealand (by air of course!)
Summer 2011Leave the Med, visit the Azores, and return to Brittany/UK