Renewal projects undertaken

Fitting out

We have generally undertaken the regular work of seasonal fitting out and maintenance ourselves. Our pattern has been to have the boat out of the water every other year. Partly this has been because of visits to New Zealand over some winters, while remaining on board for the majority of others.

Use of 2/3 coats of Micron Extra antifoul generally means that the bottom is clean after one season, but needs attention after two, with much of the protection eroded. In addition to the bottom work, maintaining the epoxy under layer, antifouling, replacing anodes, and polishing the topsides, there is always something requiring attention on board, and the 'jobs list' usually runs to a page or more with both short term work and longer term wish list items.

This page describes some of the more significant projects and renewals that have been undertaken.



Approximately 14,500 in total:


Approximately 9250 in total:





We were delighted with the new cushion covers. We re-covered the chart table seat ourselves: we had the cushion re-modelled having removed the wooden side supports. It is now a lot more comfortable.